9-10 Durian Place, Wetherill Park NSW 2164

Strathbrook profile Facilities and Equipment

Facilities and Equipment

The Strathbrook group, have an extensive range of equipment at our disposal, this gives us the flexibility to provide a wide range of services, with a minimum of outside assistance. Our workshops are equipped with lathes, milling machines, hydraulic pressures, sheet metal folding press, guillotines, sand blaster, Hydraulic copper tube bender, gantry crane, (fixed and portable) spray booth , 24 ton tip truck,  BobCat loader, heavy rigid 24 ton and medium rigid 12 ton truck, with platform loader and Crane,  fork lifts, portable scaffolding, portable fencing, and a wide range of specialized refrigeration, electrical, welding, lifting and fabrication tools.

This investment in infrastructure, allows us to provide our clients, with an efficient and reliable turn around on projects and service work, with a solid commitment to being on time and on budget.

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