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Strathbrook Refrigeration Refrigeration service and maintenance

Refrigeration service and maintenance

The Strathbrook group offer a comprehensive maintenance service for all of our customers.

A refrigeration plant runs 24/7 and so does our service team. Skilled technicians and future technicians (apprentices) are available to carry out regular maintenance and emergency service whenever it is required.

We carry a wide range of parts in stock, and also have after hours service available from our suppliers, so your plant can be returned to service ASAP if an emergency situation develops.

Currently fourteen refrigeration tradesman and four apprentices, are backed up by five qualified electricians and a further two electrical apprentices.

Strathbrook can prepare maintenance programs, that are tailored to each individual site, so your plant can remain in service and in good condition, allowing you to focus on your core business.

We can also look after your cooling towers, electrical systems, and provide annual thermographic scans, refrigerant and oil sampling and testing, vibration analysis, and in house compressor rebuilding when required. 

Call us to discuss your needs .

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