Strathbrook Company Profile

Company Profile

Strathbrook Industrial Services is the largest member of the Strathbrook group and is owned by Michael Noller.

The group consists of:

Strathbrook Industrial Services P/L

Refrigeration contracting and service for industrial and commercial refrigeration.

Strathbrook Industrial Services was acquired in 1990 and now employs 23 staff.

Strathbrook Electrical Services P/L

Electrical panel fabrication, contracting and service to support the refrigeration works carried out by Strathbrook Industrial services, with 8 staff.

Refrigeration Consulting by Strathbrook’s

Consulting engineers, designing refrigeration and general engineering projects.

B&C Refrigeration P/L

Manufacture and service of Aerowhip soft serve Ice cream machines.

Strathbrook Refrigeration Equipment

Manufacture refrigeration packages for commercial and light industrial systems.

Service and Maintenance is carried out at a range of industrial and commercial sites including:

  • Streets ice cream( Unilever )
  • DIC Inks
  • Lion Juices 
  • Aryzta Bakeries
  • Tip Top Bakeries
  • Buttercup Bakeries
  • Mauri foods
  • Toll Pharmaceutical
  • DSM Foods
  • Club Marconi
  • F Mayer Imports
  • Garlo’s pies
  • Frutex Australia
  • Sunny Queen eggs
  • Qantas Q catering
  • Costco
  • Tassal / DeCosti Sea Foods

Services and Maintenance Provided

  • General Refrigeration and air conditioning system service.
  • Design and construction of refrigerated warehousing.
  • Chilled water systems, Glycol systems, brine systems.
  • Pumped carbon dioxide systems, Direct expansion Carbon Dioxide systems.
  • Micro Charged, Critical Charge ammonia systems.
  • Small charge ammonia chillers, and ammonia /Carbon dioxide high stage systems.
  • Vacuum cooling systems, blood and chemical cryogenics systems, ammonia systems.
  • Food production hall A/C systems, Blast Freezing systems.
  • Chocolate storage warehouses, boning rooms,  Ice rinks, pub & club refrigeration and beer systems, ice bank systems, Chester Jensen bakery chilled water system etc.

Pharmaceutical Warehousing.

Strathbrook have designed and installed a number of high care facilities, for the storage of highly sensitive Pharmaceuticals.

Key staff

  • Michael Noller             Managing Director  (owner)
  • Luke Betar                  Project Engineer
  • Phil Cullen                   Service Manager
  • Nathan Iogha             Electrical supervisor/ engineer

Recently designed and installed projects include,

F Mayer Imports

  • Refrigerated warehouse (3 projects )  Sydney & Melbourne Distribution Warehouses.
  • Carbon Dioxide trans-critical cooling system with cool glycol floor heating and warm glycol defrosting.  
  • Project Value $1,500,000 each site.

Lion Chullora Milk and Drinks D/C

  • Refrigerated warehouse 9400 square metres.
  • Ammonia screw chillers cooling pumped glycol. 2.1mega watt plant
  • Winner of best commercial building under 50 million dollars Taylor constructions.
  • Refrigeration project value $5,000,000

Skills tech Acacia Ridge refrigeration training package

  • Designed, manufactured and installed, refrigeration training systems, which include Bitzer CSH screw pack, ammonia water chiller package, ammonia package for condensing carbon dioxide, Carbon dioxide system for supermarket cooling,(DX low temp & LR medium temp)  cooling towers, dry coolers, 12 training room system, all with Danfoss access 255 control system.
  • Electrical by Strathbrook Electrical Services. 
  • Project value $700,000

Bitzer Training Centre

  • The equipment was built by Bitzer and installed by Strathbrook Industrial services to Bitzer specification. Electrical by Strathbrook electrical
  • CO2 / NH3 Training system
  • CO2 Trans critical training and testing system
  • Bitzer CSH screw package
  • CS air cooled condensing unit
  • Bitzer Multi pack supermarket system
  • Project value  $350K
  • The green Hub refrigeration trade school  NSW TAFE  Green skills Centre
  • State of the art CO2 cooling systems, ammonia system plus R134a system for advanced trade training .
  • Project value  $760k