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Strathbrook Refrigeration Glycol Floor Heating

Glycol Floor Heating

Strathbrook Industrial Services, have been at the forefront of freezer room floor heating developments for 15 years.

The first project was installed in 2003 at light and easy and is still in service today

More recent developments have changed the way that freezer sub floor heating is done, with our current designs delivering power savings, previously unavailable in the industry.

Strathbrook Industrial Servies, currently hold an Australian Patent, on a cool glycol floor heating system that removes all electric heaters , and replaces them with special double walled nylon tube, that has cool glycol pumped through it, to prevent the sub floor from freezing due to the -20 degrees C or lower, freezer room temperatures, in the above freezer.  Our patented design uses heat from the refrigerant liquid line, to warm the glycol that is pumped through the under slab tube network. This also has the benefit of sub cooling the refrigerant liquid line, which increases the energy efficiency of the refrigeration plant by 1% for every deg C we sub cool the refrigerant liquid. 

Electric sub floor heateing  requires between 15-30 watts of power per square metre of freezer floor area for the life of the project.  A 50m long 25m wide freezer would require 25kw of power to continuously provide heat to prevent sub floor freezing.  This would cost in the order of $30k per year.  Our system actually eliminates the heaters, and replaces them with a very small glycol pump, which uses about $350.00 in power consumption per year, while reducing the compressor running costs by at least 2%, delivering a nett gain of many thousands of dollars.

Sub floor heating tubes being set into a freezer base slab. Sydney Food and Packaging Chullora Sydney 2019 Trans critical Carbon dioxide compound cooling system, with liquid refrigerant heat recovery floor heating system.

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