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Thermograph Scanning and Reporting

Hot box performance testing

Modem technology can be of great assistance in diagnosing faults, and preventing problems from escalating into equipment failures.

Thermograph scanning equipment is used as an in-house service tool, to identify potential problems and correct them, before any damage is done or equipment is allowed to fail.

These hand held scanners are able to pick up very small variations in temperature, that  alert the technician to a hot electrical joint, or even something that should be hot that is not, such as a failed drip tray, or door heater.

Thermo-graphic scans can be turned into reports required by insurance companies and stored for comparisons in later scans in the future.

a Thermo-graphic scan a thermal and a digital photo which can be included into a written report that is used to inform about potential problems , and when done as a regular annual report also to assist in reducing insurance premiums.

written reports used to inform about equipment condition

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