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Strathbrook Refrigeration Carbon dioxide / CO2 /R744

Carbon dioxide / CO2 /R744

Carbon dioxide is the long term replacement, for most of the currently available chemical HFC type refrigerants and is both naturally occurring, and extremely energy efficient, when used as the working fluid in refrigeration systems.

The nature of CO2, is that it is non toxic, safe to use around food products and people, and is rapidly expanding into all areas of refrigeration, due to its extremely energy efficient operation, and the reduction in size of pipe networks and compressor sets.  Very low vibration and noise levels are also a feature that allow smaller, quieter plant rooms, that can be located near offices, or other occupied spaces.

The energy efficiency of CO2 is the highest available, with our latest Patented designs outperforming  conventional HFC systems by as much as 40%, which is seen as a direct reduction in absorbed power.

CO2 as a replacement gas is extremely inexpensive, and is less than 10% the price of HFC refrigerants, should you need to purchase gas in the future.

CO2 is best applied to freezer and cool room systems, of 50kw cooling  and larger,but smaller systems are possible. Systems as large at 2.5 mw have been installed recently in Europe, USA  and South Africa .

CO2 is the most rapidly growing refrigerant available on the planet, currently seeing  all the major equipment manufacturer’s developing their product ranges , which is delivering constant improvement, in both the price, and the range of equipment available.

F Mayer Imports, Salta Drive Altona Victoria, two stage CO2 system, designed, manufactured and installed by the Strathbrook group. This system won the Air Conditioning & Building Services Award in 2018

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