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Strathbrook Refrigeration HFC Refrigerant systems

HFC Refrigerant systems

HFC’s remain the most common refrigerants in use in Australia today.

They are the least expensive to install, and remain a viable alternative, to providing cooling and heating solutions in a wide range of applications, from the smallest to the largest plants.

While the energy consumption cannot match CO2 or Ammonia, the systems remain simple in design and are commonly used in smaller applications, where the scale of the project doesn’t offer sufficient energy savings, to warrant the higher capital cost of the other systems.

Control systems are simple, and replacement parts are plentiful and inexpensive.

HFC’s have a wide range of applications including smaller cool rooms and freezers, small to medium blast freezers, fluid chillers, A/C systems, retail display systems, and commercial cool rooms, such as butcher and flower retail cool rooms.

They have good load matching options available, and years of applications mean that most companies can service the equipment.

There are multiple manufacturers producing a very wide range of equipment for almost all applications

Garlo’s spiral freezer screw compressor packages R404a

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