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Strathbrook Refrigeration Ammonia (NH3) systems

Ammonia (NH3) systems

Strathbrook Industrial Services have designed and installed a number of specialized Ammonia cooling and Blast freezing systems for specialized applications.

Ammonia is a very effective refrigerant in large industrial applications, such as spiral freezers, and also lends itself to miro charged water chillers with extremely low refrigerant volumes.

While ammonia is not suitable for every application, and should be approached with considerable research, it can be extremely effective if installed to a high standard, with all the relevant safety equipment, and accompanied by appropriate staff training.

Ammonia systems are required by law, to have a more rigorous maintenance and safety regime than other more commonly used refrigerants, but can be the most appropriate choice for some systems.  Ammonia works  particularly well at very high, and very low temperature applications.

Blast freezing at low temperature, where large volumes of warm product need to be frozen, is a good example of the low temperature application, while cooling water at high temperatures such as 10 deg C and above, is a good example of another application that ammonia can excel at.

Once we have discussed your requirements, advice can be given on your refrigerant options, to provide the most cost effective solution for your project, with longevity, safety of operation and maintenance requirements taken into account.

Lion Chullora milk and drinks DC Ammonia / glycol system 2017 ( 2100 kw cooling capacity ) Designed and installed by the Strathbrook group.
This project won the Master Builder Association’s “Best commercial project between $20 and $50 million “ award for Taylor constructions in 2018

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