9-10 Durian Place, Wetherill Park NSW 2164

Strathbrook Projects Building and construction

Building and construction

Strathbrook’s have the ability to take on the builder’s role to deliver a major redevelopment of an industrial site. Previous projects such as Baiada’s chicken’s factory redevelopment saw Strathbrook supervising the site redevelopment to deliver a totally new site layout and extensive building modifications while the site remains as an operating production facility.

The site safety, amenities, environmental controls, building design, engineering, site coordination and day to day supervision of works, made sure the Business remained profitable while undergoing the installation of entire production lines within the boundaries of an operating food facility. Demolition of existing buildings and construction of new buildings and the installation of the new line equipment, where all completed on time and on budget.

The installation of a large commercial kitchen, for the Hanseatic group saw us repurpose a former tabaco store into a state of the art food production facility with full temperature controlled environment that  included refrigerated storage, batch freezers, oven ventilation systems, floor treatments , drainage , lighting, power , impact barriers, upgrades to the site amenities , and much more so the site was transformed into a modern working environment

Hanseatic foods South Granville  and Frutex Kingsgrove

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