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Strathbrook Consulting Refrigeration plant condition reports

Refrigeration plant condition reports

When taking over a site or equipment that has heating and cooling systems, it can be very useful to understand the state of repair and the likely performance and reliability of any equipment that you will be operating, and will need to rely on , and pay to maintain.

We offer an inspection and reporting service that will inform you before or after you take over the equipment, so you have a good understanding of what you are taking on.

We can offer power monitoring, thermographic scans, written reports by qualified industry specialists.

The reports can cover the machinery and equipment, cool room panels and doors, electrical systems, condensate drains, refrigerant and oil sample analysis , and a range of other items that are system specific. These reports can be very useful for insurance claims, and site or business acquisitions where spiciest equipment forms part of the sale.

Condition reports are useful tools for understanding the ongoing maintenance cost of a refrigeration plant and can assist in budget planning and future  Capital expenditure 

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