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Refrigeration plant condition reports

When taking over a site or equipment that has heating and cooling systems, it can be very useful to understand the state of repair and the likely performance and reliability of any equipment that you will be operating, and will need to rely on , and pay to maintain. We offer an inspection and reporting […]

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Thermograph Scanning and Reporting

Modem technology can be of great assistance in diagnosing faults, and preventing problems from escalating into equipment failures. Thermograph scanning equipment is used as an in-house service tool, to identify potential problems and correct them, before any damage is done or equipment is allowed to fail. These hand held scanners are able to pick up […]

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Refrigeration Consulting and Design

The Strathbrook group offer design and consulting services, that provide technical support to Companies, Organisations and individuals, that require assistance with any and all aspects of system design and manufacture, in the refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial process sectors. Our team of engineers, are able to provide a comprehensive design and evaluation service, that can […]

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